A list of wonderful people who keep Akatsuki running smoothly, and take pride in its community.

Product Management Team

Responsible for envisioning Akatsuki's future, and creating ideas to shape the server.

Product Development Team

Responsible for implementing and maintaining Akatsuki's infrastructure - they keep the server running, and take care of its maintenance.

Community Support Team

Responsible for assisting players with their inquiries and overseeing the community's well-being.

Nomination Quality Assurance Team

They ensure that the Beatmap Nomination team is running at its best performance and promote changes to the Ranking Criteria when deemed necessary.

  • Franc[e]sco/lolisamurai, for oppai-ng, used as our osu & taiko pp calculator.
    oppai is licensed under GPL v3. Our implementation can be found here .
  • Tom94, for osu-performance, used as a reference for our mania pp calculator.
    osu-performance is licensed under AGPL v3. Our implementation can be found here .
  • Ripple, for a stable base to build off of - we would not exist without your work.
  • rumoi, for his work on ruri, and our anticheat.
  • Mempler, for, and for taking care of the server.
  • Ewick, for designing Akatsuki's logo.
  • Everyone who has supported Akatsuki with donations.
Looking for a means of contacting the team? We have a public Discord for support!