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How to connect to Akatsuki

How to connect to Akatsuki: Windows Shortcut

  • Create a new Shortcut from the osu!.exe game file
  • Right click the Shortcut and go on Properties
  • Add -devserver to the Target, right after your directory
  • Your changes should look like this
  • Click on Apply
  • Run your Shortcut
  • Enjoy!

A video tutorial can also be found here.

How to connect to Akatsuki: Linux

  • Open the script you use to launch osu

  • Add "$@" after osu!.exe if it’s not already present So if it looks like: wine osu\!.exe, it will become: wine osu\!.exe "$@"

  • Then, add -devserver when you launch the script So if you launch osu! with: ./, you can launch Akatsuki with: ./ -devserver

If you only play on Akatsuki, you can also replace "$@" with -devserver so you don’t have to type the server address each time!

How to connect to Akatsuki: MacOS

  • Open your osu! Wineskin

  • If you’re running osu!.exe directly: Look for file properties, there’ll be an argument box: EXE Flags Add -devserver to the argument box Save changes then run it normally

  • If you’re running osu!.exe through a bat file (execute.bat): Open the bat file on a file editor On the same line as start C:\osu!\osu!.exe, add: -devserver Save changes then run it normally

How to return to Bancho:

To go back to Bancho you can simply remove the -devserver command from the Shortcut. Although from our connection guide it is implicit that you should maintain at least two shortcuts: one being for Bancho, and the other one for Akatsuki. Please keep in mind that, for security reasons, every time you switch servers you’ll have to reinsert your login credentials.


If you have any issues, feel free to contact us through our discord!