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Aika Commands

These are the commands supported by Aika, our chat bot.

General commands

  • !roll - Returns a random number from 0 to 100
  • !roll <num> - Returns a random number from 0 to num
  • !help - Display help message

Faq commands

  • !faq rules
  • !faq swearing
  • !faq spam
  • !faq offend
  • !faq english
  • !faq github
  • !faq discord
  • !faq blog
  • !faq changelog
  • !faq status

Tillerino-like commands

Aika has some commands similar to Tillerino. Those commands work only if you send them to Aika through a PM. Remember that PP system has been implemented only on osu!standard and osu!mania. The bot doesn’t support beatmaps recommendations at the moment, that functionality wil come later, hopefully.

  • /np - Show PP for the current playing song (only if is a osu! standard song)
  • !last - Show info (and gained PP, if it was an osu! standard score) about the last submitted score
  • !with <mods> - Show PP for the previous requested beatmap with requested mods. Supported mods are NF, EZ, HD, HR, DT, HT, NC, FL, SO, RX, AP.. Don’t use spaces for multiple mods (eg: !with HDHR)

Admin commands

  • !system restart - Restart the server. Everyone will be disconnected and reconnected automatically
  • !system status - Show server status
  • !system reload - Reload bancho settings (the one that are editable from RAP)
  • !system maintenance on/off - Turn on/off bancho maintenance mode
  • !moderated on/off - Turn on/off moderated mode for the current channel
  • !silence <username> <count> <unit (s/m/h/d)> <reason> - Silence a user
  • !unsilence <target> - Remove target’s silence
  • !kick <username> - Kick an user from the server
  • !ban <username> - Ban and kick someone
  • !unban <username> - Unban someone
  • !restrict <username> - Restrict someone
  • !unrestrict <username> - Unrestrict someone
  • !alert <message> - Send a notification to every user connected to bancho
  • !alertu <username> <message> - Send a notification to a specific user